Tentang Jurnal Ini

Jurnal Akuntansi, Manajemen, Bisnis dan Teknologi ISSN: 2715-7083 (Print Media), 2962-2042 (Online Media) and has been accredited Rank 5 according to Decree Number: 79/E/KPT/2023.

Managed by the Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM) STIE Mahaputra Riau. Published twice a year, namely in February and August.

Ambitek journal publishes the results of qualitative and quantitative research in the fields of:

Accounting Science  - Financial Accounting - Management Accounting  - Tax and Taxation  - Banking Accounting - Government Accounting - Small Business and MSME Accounting  - Auditing and Auditing  - Cost Accounting - Accounting Information Systems - Financial Management - Marketing Management - HR Management - Sharia Finance - Sharia Economics - Sharia Accounting  - Finance - Business - Technology.